Lisa Turner

Recovering Remodeler

Installing a design brings a rush, as everything comes together in those moments of ‘Yes!!’ More than that, it’s deeply gratifying for our clients to visibly adore their new space. I love it when I see they are Home.

Prior to opening her interior design firm, Lisa owned and operated a building and construction firm serving Decatur and the greater Atlanta metro area. She is as deeply passionate about helping clients create livable and inviting spaces, filled with custom furniture, curated art, textiles and repurposed pieces. To a project, Lisa brings a seasoned hand at drawing lighting and floor plans. Her designs reflect gracious living where function and comfort, health and happiness take priority.


Wallace Bryan

Interior Design Maven

Color is the most under-rated element in interior design. Upholstery, art, casegoods, lighting, rugs all sing the melody, but color strikes the chord, setting the tone for the whole room.

A 30-year veteran interior designer, Wallace Bryan has a direct line to Atlanta’s true trade workrooms, and the spaces she designs—replete with reimagined furnishings and custom window hangings— showcase these important relationships. Whether a chic Manhattan apartment, trendy Atlanta loft, contemporary corporate office, or historic Decatur bungalow, Wallace’s approach is client-centered and collaborative. Her environments weave together disparate elements into refreshing, cohesive living spaces that tell a story.